An AI-driven tech company providing revolutionary connectivity between multiple platforms

Athabasca was founded in 2021 during the crypto-hype as an entity managing a crypto-trading system combining the RobinHood API for crypto-trading with the TradingView cryptocurrency signals API. It has since branched out to offering a number of ancillary web-based products featuring AI-driven products utilizing social media interfaces


Speeds up development

Athabasca utilizes a high-speed development platform hosted by AWS, allowing its products to works seamlessy with external systems.


User Experience Focused

With over a dozen qualified programmers working full-time on developing feature-rich products, Athabasca is focused on creating an outstanding user experience for the products and services it offers.


Easy to work with

We pride ourselves with our responsiveness to user feedback and ability to adapt our products to individual clients, regardless of how minute the requests are or how small the need.